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About what we do and how we tutor:

Children learn at their own pace, with gentle encouragement and motivation. Our approach ensures a positive learning environment in which your child can learn and thrive.

Here at Tutor For Kids we evaluate each individual child's learning needs, then tailor our tutoringtechniques to produce the best results. We will help your child to catch up or even get ahead. We offer individualised tuition to best cater for your child. At Tutor For Kids ,we like to work in partnership with parents to support each student.

Rosie, who runs Tutor For Kids, has a life-long passion for teaching and learning. This is reflected in her experience and qualifications, which include a Masters of Education, Graduate Diploma of Arts and Graduate Certificate in Mental Health. Rosie is an experienced Special Education teacher. She specialises in working with students to reduce anxiety and to build their confidence.

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Tutoring helps to build each student's        confidence and learning.